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US deathcore act Fit For An Autopsy are coming for the first time in Eastern Europe, at Rockstadt Extreme Fest and it's maybe the perfect chance to get to know the guys before their show in August.


I must say, out of all the deathcore acts who are getting big nowadays - or are already consolidated within the general metal scene - you're one of the few bands who stand out in terms of the musical concept. It's something 'different' and the band's new album is also a statement to that. Are you happy with the way things
turned out? There are certanly more musical elements involved, comparing it to Absolute Hope...Absolute Hell.

Growth is always the goal. The truth is we are finally starting to feel like we sound the way the band should sound. We are very excited about the new record and the over all direction we are headed in.

Did you guys take your time with the album - in terms of composing it, studio time, etc - or did you have some deadlines to fulfill? I'm more curious about the struggle to find a musical identity, especially when trying to come out with something different for each album.

We definitely had a bit more time to work on the tracks for "The Great Collapse". We were in a position, for the first time, to be able to sit back and dissect the songs on a more constructive and time consuming level. Some songs were started during the last record (absolute hope absolute hell) and didn't make the cut because they just weren't ready. So we got to use the time to finish them and make them what we wanted. Other songs came together really quickly so we could spend more time creating layers and building atmosphere. Over all it was a much more interesting and applied process. We feel it worked out very well, and we learned a lot.


For everyone not familiar with Fit For An Autopsy, what's the lyrical concept of the band? Your message isin't exactly the most happiest in the world. But then again, it's not destructive either.

Well, we kind of have a different take on our lyrical content then a lot of bandswe are aligned with. We try to keep things current and real. We are very effected by the social, political, and environmental climate. We write about the human condition, and how terrible we are as people to one another. Money, politics, greed, hate, poisoned water, governmental policies, the waste of human life for profit, and the dark state of the world make it really easy to have a wide variety of content for lyrics.

Judging from the mixture of influences, I bet everyone in the band goes into different musical genres, outside metal included. I saw someone naming you 'progressive deathcore', that's not a term far from reality, at least with the new album.

We don't really worry about where we fall into any kind of "genre" or where we are placed as a band. As long as people are willing to listen, we're happy to play what we love.

I know that you're touring through Europe more and more, 2017 is a busy year. Obviously, life in Europe is different to the one in the US. I'm curious if you managed to catch a glimpse of every place you visited and compare it to the US, especially to what's going on right now in a social/political context.

Everything is the same. The world is corrupt anywhere there is a government in control. Unfortunately people are power hungry, so there is no escaping it.

That being said, We love Europe!!!! On the surface, culturally there are obvious differences, which are great for us to experience, but people are people. So it's exciting and fun to travel and see new places.

Also, the subject approached in 'Black Mammoth', on the whole pipeline issue, is it still a concering thing in North Dakota? Did people manage to make a stand?

It's an ongoing problem. Unfortunately the people's voice don't always get taken serious. Greed and money seem to win in these situations.


The project with Thy Art Is Murder and The Acacia Strain was really interesting on a concept and musical level as well. You also contributed with a cover song for Nine Inch Nails. How difficult whas that in terms of adapting the song to a different style?

It was more fun than difficult. Always fun to experiment with music.

Looking at this almost brotherly collaboration, do you think there's unity in the metal scene nowadays?

There is when people want there to be. It's all about how you look at things and what you are willing to take on. A bit of competition is always good for pushing you and forward, but we're here for the same reasons. Music is life.

Well, that was it, thanks alot for your time, I know you guys are on tour in the US right now. If I may, one last question, given that it's the first time you're performing in Romania as well...what are your expectations about the festival and crowd and what should they expect from you?

We honestly just want to come out and have fun. We hope the people of Romania will spend a little time with us, and we can get a chance to see how you guys do things in your country! Thanks for the interview and we can't wait to get over and hang out!!!

Much respect

Patrick and FFAA

ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST takes place between the 10th and 13th of August and it has become the biggest metal festival in South Eastern Europe. All info can be found on www.rockstadtextremefest.ro or on www.facebook.com/rockstadtextremefest/

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