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Days Of Confusion

Days of Confusion is a Romanian alternative metal/post grunge band, that started out as the home project of two friends in early 2010 and slowly rose to be one of the most prominent bands in the Romanian underground at the moment, its members being part of various other well known local bands and projects.


Cosmin Lupu – vocals/ guitar (Domination, Mozart Rocks!, ex: Voodoo)
Cezar Popescu – guitar/ vocals (Vita de Vie, Domination, Mozart Rocks!)
Dan Ionescu – guitar (Asha, Mozart Rocks!)
Andrei Ilie – drums/ percussion (Mozart Rocks!, Asha)
Andrei Zamfir - bass guitar

REF 2014: Making of

REF 2014: Meet and greet

REF 2014: Ziua 1

REF 2014: Ziua 2

REF 2014: Ziua 3

REF 2014: Ziua 4

REF 2014: Public

Riff concert la Deva