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black glass


The band has been around for a longtime, at least in theory, founded by Moasa Vlad, Henter Cristian and Marchean Horia in 2008-2009. Despite numerous efforts, the band has only recently found a solid line-up.

High school students hangin' around the city's suburb's (if joined by the right people) resulted in what today is known as Blackglass. It took a south-eastern country from Central Europe which went under over 60 years of communism with lack of freedom of any sorts and a few beer hangouts to think this through. We started the band and now we play and sing from what we are to what our generations are. We are born post revolution and these times deserve some attention because it's getting more difficult from day to day to adapt to what society becomes ("they're happy it's experiment time") , whatever the age of the citizen may be. Blackglass speaks about the present...to those who listen.


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