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Crimena 2015

The band's story begins in April 2012 when Cristi Opranescu suggested that him, Vali and Cosmin should play one or two songs opening for Truda's concert in Craiova. The idea stuck and was quickly materialized.

The initial formula was with Petrutiu Catalin on guitar and Cristi Opranescu on drums. Many changes in the band's composition followed and in short time the the current line-up was formed.

After a while rehearsing cover songs the idea of writing our own songs appeared. That's when everything started moving. Shortly after that Radu manages to put together 2 songs with riffs he'd have lying around. In the atmosphere created around rehearsing the 2 songs ideas start appearing from everywhere and we end up with a collage.

We then decided to do anything we can think of, with no regard for theory or the current music trends, combining metal with elements of oriental, flamenco or even classical music, reaching something that shouldn't work.

Everything is then tied together with lyrics that give our songs a powerful message, rooted in reality.

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Riff concert la Deva