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We are Nuvijan! Our friendship and passion led us together to build a new family, a new rock genre musical project that sticks around alternative and nu-metal styles. We want to share our thoughts and beliefs through our songs, and we want you to taste some of our energy when we are up on stage. We chose to keep a positive message within our songs and attitude, even if we'll criticize bad habits, the purpose is to extract what is essential from every fact.

Since we are at the beginning of the road we are now building our own universe that we hope it will grow quickly and in a smart way. As our journey begins we invite you to take a part of it and become our friend. See you on stage!

REF 2014: Making of

REF 2014: Meet and greet

REF 2014: Ziua 1

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REF 2014: Public

Riff concert la Deva