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Tiarra band was set up in the year 2004.


The initial project had a more simple formula than it has now and its style was a more aggressive one, mainly gothic-black. The founding members were 4 young rockers: Alex, Gil, Anda, John that is: a guitar player, a drummer, a female vocal, and a keyboard player.


In that period, this project suffered a series of modifications not only in the musical plan but also at the level of its components. The experience of the initial members was reduced as regards gothic.
After more changes of members by which Tiarra saught a more satisfying formula for that moment, the band recorded a demo "Drama per musica". This CD contained 6 songs, a prologue and an epilogue.

Tiarra made again changes at the level of it's components. One of the guitars was replaced by a violin. The songs were modified slightly, the violin being an instrument that outlined much better the message of the band. The cello is also a new and important element of the band.the band composed a series of new songs in the new formula and with new elements.

These songs, together with some of those recorded on the demo, were recorded as Tiara’s first album, "Post Scriptum". Tiara has got 8 members at present: drum, bass-guitar, guitar, keyboard, violin, cello, male voice and female voice.

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