Working Method is an online shop for tickets. The orders placed on are confirmed through a registration e-mail received after finalization of the order. The ordered tickets are sent as a PDF file via e-mail after the order is placed.

After successfully placing an order online, the user will receive the ordered tickets on the e-mail address he provided (for example, if they purchased 4 tickets, they will receive a pdf file containing the 4 tickets), that he has to present them at the entrance of the event. The access for the event will be allowed after the QR code on the ticket. The QR codes are unique and each code allows the access of only one person. Once the QR code is scanned, another person cannot use it again, not even at another entry, because all the scanners work in real time and are connected online.

Customer Service

The e-mail which you can use to contact us in connection to anything related to the ticketing service. Our colleagues are taking the problems one by one as they are being assigned to them and are answering in order to each ticket. Sometimes, given the large number of requests, it can take up to 48 hours or longer for you to receive a reply, depending on the complexity of the request. WE assure you that all of our customers are equally important to us and that we do the best in order for you to receive an answer as fast as possible and to offer you a quality service.

The communication with our customers is exclusively written, in order to follow the discussion flow and be able to efficiently and quickly resolve the tasks.

Payment Options

For ticket purchase, ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL accepts the purchase only via card:

Payment by debit or credit card will be processed by Netopia Payments, ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL partner for processing these payments. Communication with the processor is done via a secure SSL connection, the transmitted data being encrypted. All information regarding the card will be processed exclusively by the online payment processer.

Ticket Refunding

In case of cancelation of the event, ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL will only refund the ticket charge.

The refund will be made after 14 days from the cancelation date. In the unhappy case of cancellation of this event, you will be informed via e-mail and the money will be refunded according to your wish.

The organizer deserves their right to modify the line-up and the eventual hours regarding the event, the new information will be sent via special means of communication.

If the event in cancelled, please send your request regarding to the event to ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL will refund the tickets value,

In the case of theft or loss of the online tickets, the customer must communicate this information to ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL at, regarding replacement of the tickets. If the customer doesn’t make the replacement request in the needed time, ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL will not take responsibility for another person using the tickets or the impossibility of the customer of participating at the event because of the lost or stolen tickets.

Under no circumstance can tickets be returned after the event took place.


If a customer uses a voucher to purchase tickets and the whole voucher sum is not spent, the difference cannot be reimbursed.

The voucher can only be used for a singular order.

The voucher has a validity of 365 days from the date it was emitted.

Overloading the network can limit in real time the available number of tickets for an event when the demand (local or global) is high, in order to protect the network/ the platform from being overloaded and offering you the best experience possible. As the traffic gets lower, the tickets will become available again, gradually. This method is common, so sometimes you will may see that some categories are almost sold out at one point, and after a few moments there are more tickets available.

Disclosure regarding personal data

According to Law no 677/2001 on protection regarding the free usage of personal data and free movement of such data, modified and completed and Law no 506/2004 on processing personal data and protection of the private life in electronic communications domain, the site administrator will administrate the data provided by the users in the most secure conditions and only the ways that the user is informed. We wish to inform you that personal data is processed to give the best user experience by the site administrator of commercial, marketing and publicity services electronic communication services and services related to the ticket selling online platform.

Each user, by their own will, provides some of their data to benefit of the services offered by the site administrator. Refusing to provide some of the data can lead to impossibility of accessing some features of the site. Your personal data can be transmitted to ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL partners involved in providing services through the site.

By Law no 677/2001, each user has the right to access, to intervene in his own data, the right to not be subject to an individual decision and the right to address to a justice figure. Also, the user has the right to oppose procession of his personal data and request it be deleted. Users understand and accept that erasure of their data will be followed by not being able to access the services offered by the site’s administrator.

To exert these rights, each user shall make a written request and send it to the site’s administrator’s address: ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL, with the office at str. Nicolae Nitulescu nr. 2P, Brașov, Brașov county or by e-mail at:

Delegate officer GDPR:

Tax bill for legal entities

For orders placed by legal entities, a tax bill can be made following a written request made by filling out this form:

The request must be complete with full and correct data: order number or the name used to place the order and complete billing data (Society name, CUI, Trade register number, registered office address, Bank account number, the Bank for the account, delegate)