Ticket Refunding

In case of cancelation of the event, ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL will only refund the ticket charge.

The refund will be made after 14 days from the cancelation date. In the unhappy case of cancellation of this event, you will be informed via e-mail and the money will be refunded according to your wish.

The organizer deserves their right to modify the line-up and the eventual hours regarding the event, the new information will be sent via special means of communication.

If the event in cancelled, please send your request regarding to the event to office@rockstadt.ro. ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL will refund the tickets value,

In the case of theft or loss of the online tickets, the customer must communicate this information to ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL at office@rockstadt.ro, regarding replacement of the tickets. If the customer doesn’t make the replacement request in the needed time, ROCKSTADT MUSIK HALLE SRL will not take responsibility for another person using the tickets or the impossibility of the customer of participating at the event because of the lost or stolen tickets.

Under no circumstance can tickets be returned after the event took place.